Released Songs

Some of our artist latest state of the art works.


3 Karya Persembahan

3 Singles that release at once, Dreamy and condense with contemplations, consist of “Lullaby”, “Bawang Merah Bawang Putih”, and “Paradise”

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Musical Campaign

“Bongkar” Cover

Music Project as result of collaborations with Forest Watch Indonesia, Forestry NGO due to deforestation and illegal logging issue.

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Musical Campaign

Ciliwung Jangan Murung

An original song that spesifically produced for 10th Anniversary of Ciliwung River Defender, a group of volunteers that dedicated their time and energy every week to clean Ciliwung River.


Rencana Ketiga

An experimental album that combines acoustic songs and theatrical monolog that tells transendent story of a young guy minds.

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